1 mile Buy-in/Buy-out: At home & on the go workout series

Such a great workout to take advantage of the nice weather OR to utilize a treadmill or other cardio machine available to you if you’re traveling. Hotel gyms can be tiny and limited in equipment, or you may be stuck at a relative’s house with no equipment at all. It can take a little creativity to get in a good workout, that will also not take up too much time. 

This one is perfect for those situations! Perform the following on a day you can’t make it in to class:
Buy In: 1 mile Run/Jog/Walk (This can be done outside, on a track or on a treadmill etc.)
40 Lunges each side (DB’s if you can)
40 Bodyweight Squats
1:00 Plank
30 Lunges each side (DB’s if you can)
30 Bodyweight Squats
2:00 Plank
20 Lunges each side (DB’s if you can)
20 Bodyweight Squats
3:00 Plank
10 Lunges each side (DB’s if you can)
10 Bodyweight Squats
4:00 Plank
Buy Out: 1 mile Run/Jog/Walk

*Don’t have a place to run? No worries- trade in some rowing or biking for your buy in/buy out cardio for this one!

Watch the above video for full workout description and exercise demonstrations. (There is a tiny typo on the board in the video! Reps go down to 10, not 20. So no slacking LOL)


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