365 reps for 365 days of a New Year ahead of you!- At Home & On the Go workout Series

Not able to make the gym over the holidays? No worries!! Try out this one that may also help you get your mind set on the new year and what you can accomplish! 365 reps for each day of the New Year that lies ahead!!

Perform the following:
3 rounds of:
30 Max Effort Squat Jumps (jumping as high as you can)
30 Hand Release Pushups (lifting hands when chest hits the ground)
30 Hollow Rocks 
30 Lateral Lunges (total) 

Then as soon as the 3 rounds are over perform 5 burpees as quickly as you can to finish off this workout!!

(Do the math, it’s 365 reps I promise lol)

*Never performed a hollow rock? That’s ok! Click the link above to see a demo video for this movement. 

Have fun with this one AND have a Happy & Healthy New Year!!


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