Ashley Dworak- Member Spotlight

Ashley- This is your week!!

This girl- such a hard worker. Not only is she dedicated to pushing herself in the class workouts, but also to performing good technique. 

New to our fit family, but drank the kool-aid on day one! Seriously, this girl has attended class 22 days in the last month and when she does miss class, it’s ONE day. So she takes her rest day and then back at it. Consistency is key and it is totally paying off for her. The strength increases she has made in such a short time are amazing. The coaches rest easy knowing that Ashley will always be challenging herself to heavier weights and to pushing her limits. 

It was so awesome seeing her at our last nutrition seminar- to not only ask food questions for herself, but also for healthy eating tips for her kids as well. Cooking healthy for a family can be challenging, but very doable when you are dedicated. 🙂

Here she is rocking out some box jumps and push-ups in class. Keep doing what you’re doing girl- we hope you can see all the progress that we see. Congrats Ashley!!


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