At Home & on the Go Workout Series- Core Descending Ladder

This is a pefect workout to do anywhere!! No equipment needed, just your effort. 🙂

Plus, the reps count down in this descending ladder which can make it mentally easier to push through. This one mixes up several core exercises and hits a little of everything!

Perform the following:
4:00 Plank
40 Mt. Climbers ea.
40 Pushups
3:00 of Hollow Rocks
30 Squat Jumps
30 Lunges on each leg
2:00 Side Plank (1:00 on each side)
20 Mt. Climbers ea.
20 Pushups
1:00 Hollow Hold
10 Squat Jumps
10 Lunges on each leg 

Watch the above video for more descriptions and exercise demonstrations! Happy workout!!

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