At Home & On The Go Workout Series- Luck of the Draw

Ok, ok. Doing workouts on your own (or at home) may not be the same as in class. You can’t beat the extra motivation you get with people working out next to you or a trainer encouraging you to keep pushing. BUT sometimes getting in a workout at home or on the road is what we choose to do to keep us moving towards our goals. One of the hardest things about working out alone is making a workout challenging enough. That’s why workouts like this can be helpful!! You can’t psych yourself out about the reps, if you don’t know what they are ahead of time. 🙂 

30minute AMRAP:
This workout will involve 10, 3-minute rounds. Perform the following exercises, trying to get as many rounds as possible:
-15 Pushups
-15 Lunges ea. leg
-15 Hollow Rocks
*every 3 minutes stop where you are at in the AMRAP and “roll the dice”. The # rolled = the # of burpees you must do. Once the burpees are done, keep going with your AMRAP. 
(Use a pair of dice, a dice app on your phone, or you can even use a deck of cards.)

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