At Home & On the Go Workout Series- String it together

Here is a great one that will change how you view workouts outside the gym. The challenge with this one is that you will string all 3 workouts together with no breaks in between. Have your clock ready to go! Here’s the workout:

5 RFT of:
20 squat jumps
20 plank ups (total)

then right into…
10 min EMOM:
1- 10 burpees (modify to 6 or 8 based on fitness level. Want a number that you can push to hit each minute w/at least 10-15 sec of rest at end of each min. BUT it will still be a challenge to maintain that pace and hit each minute)

then right into…
5 RFT of:
20 Split lunge jumps
20 pushups (plyo pushups for an added challenge)

*No rest in between workouts. Once first 5 rounds is complete hit start button on your clock (or glance at the clock) and go right into the 10min EMOM and so on… Take mini rest breaks as needed.

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