Your Choice EMOM – At Home & On The Go Workout Series

Its time for an EMOM! A what?!?!

An EMOM- Every Minute on the Minute workout. 

This one can be adapted to fit your fitness level, any equipment you may have and the time you have to workout. You can also challenge yourself, by selecting exercises that may be harder to perform than others (i.e. burpees!)

Here is how it goes:

24 min EMOM (*Can make it longer or shorter as needed) Perform the following exercies on the minute:
Minute 1- 15 reps of: Select a movement (i.e. pushups, squats)
Minute 2- 30sec. of: Select a cardio movement (i.e. burpees, jump rope)
*Select 2 ab exercises that you will perform in the remainder of the minute after the above exercises are completed. (i.e. plank, crunches, lemon squeezers)

This workout will keep your HR up because you will be moving for the ENTIRE 24 minutes. Watch the above video for a detailed breakdown of this workout and exercise demonstrations! Now go lift some weights!! 

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