Boot Camp is an umbrella term used to describe our classes because each workout includes a variety of cardio, functional and strength training. Basically we are a strength and conditioning gym and we help our members lose weight, get strong and build lean muscle mass!!

Our Boot Camp classes will help you optimize your fitness goals, as they provide a high intensity challenge for people of ALL levels and abilities. Each workout at Edge Body Boot Camp is different, which helps to avoid those training plateaus and boredom. The classes are coach-led, which means it takes the guess work out of the gym. No more, walking around machines wondering what to do or wondering if your form is correct. The Edge Body coaches are here to help and modify the workouts for your specific needs. Personal training attention with-in a fun, upbeat, supportive group atmosphere!

Whether it’s weight loss or improved strength, the group classes at Edge Body Omaha will help you reach your goals and maximize your fitness potential.

Ready to get started?? Fill out your Free Trial form and we’ll get you scheduled to meet with a coach before a class. This coach will then walk you through a class so you get to see first-hand what we are all about and how we can help you and your unique health goals!

What to expect in class...

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