Challenge Yourself – At Home & On the Go Workout Series | Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha

One of the MAJOR obstacles to improved fitness, weight loss and reaching our health goals in general, is being forced to miss the gym!

Maybe it’s kid’s activities, maybe you slept in and maybe it’s a work trip or vacation planned that is keeping you out of class.

So what to do?? Next time you are not able to make it to class or don’t have weights available, push yourself to try this one out and you will stay on track for your goals!! AND try not to laugh. (Lord knows it took me a couple takes to keep it together with this one hahahaha)

Perform the following:

-50 Lunges (total)
-25 Burpees
-40 Lunges (total)
-20 Burpees
and so on… Your run distance you select remains the same and each round lunges decrease by 10 and burpees decrease by 5. So last round is 10 lunges total and 5 burpees. 

**No where to run? Swap out other cardio moves!!

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