#changealife – May’s Charity Cause


Hey Fit Family,

For the month of May, we are excited to partner with Watsi. Watsi provides crowdsourced healthcare for people in developing countries that cannot afford it.

Every check-in helps provide a life-changing surgery to someone in need.

Watsi enables anyone to directly fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world by connecting patients who can’t afford the procedures they need with donors via the web. 100% of donations made to Watsi fund life-changing healthcare.

If you want to learn more about Watsi, you can check them out at www.watsi.org.

The hashtag this month is #changealife.

Thanks for checking in to help change lives!

Best in Health, 


P.S. If you haven’t heard of Sweat Angels, here’s how it works… Sweat Angels makes a donation to a great cause every time our members check-in on Facebook or Instagram. Thousands of gyms use Sweat Angels, and that’s why they’re able to make such a large impact each month. If you need some help checking in, just ask one of the coaches and we’ll show you how!

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