Christie Koziol- Member Spotlight

Christie this week is all yours girl!

This mom is a beast! Farm strong- but a little intimidated to join the gym on her first day. She knew what she was capable of, but attempting and learning new movements can be just as mentally challenging as they are physical. But yet there she was each day, even the days that were tough at the beginning. Showing up. Giving it her best. Learning and taking a step forward. 

There were definitely a couple days in the beginning that really pushed her to her mental limits. I think several of us have had that moment of, “I thought I was in better shape than this”. But that’s just it- “good shape” is all relative and when you put yourself in challenging environments that’s when you push through your comfort zone and get stronger. That is EXACTLY what Christie has done. Gotten so much stronger and is looking lean! Girl- keep it up!! Here she is above, rocking out the sandbag complex from last week showing off all that strength! (Heaving heavy things into the air just like on the farm!)

We are so proud of her perserverance in the workouts and her dedication to stick things out. Everyone has good and bad days and she continues to push through. Being an awesome role model to her kids! The other coaches and I have seen this confidence in her get brighter and brighter with each passing workout.

Christie- I hope you can see what an awesome job you’re doing and the progress you’ve made. You rock girl!!

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