Coach Missy’s Transformation Tip: Say No! | Edge Body’s FAQ Series


For Coach’s Takeover month (July 2018), each coach will be sharing the one thing that transformed their fitness/health journey and helped them take things a step further. So I’ll kick things off with this one:

Say NO!

Learning the art of saying no, and not apologizing to anyone OR yourself for it, is really allowing you to say YES to so many things you’ve always wanted. This has truly been something that has transformed how I prioritize my health, my fitness goals and even my business. I was always a yes person and found that with being extroverted and high energy, I would take on too much. (Still perfecting this btw) and learning to say no became a game changer. Especially because “no” doesn’t have to be “never”. It’s all about prioritizing and putting your health first. When I did that, I actually became more for my family, friends and my members/gym! 

So for those of you thinking that this is speaking to your current life, you’re not alone! Here are some tips that have helped me along the way and tips I’m constantly practicing. 

1.Value your time: Spend time doing the things that give you life and give you energy! Yes there are always things we need to do, like work or laundry, but be meaningful where you give your time. Finding time for exercise or health is a constant struggle for people. Prioritizing your schedule may show you some wasted time that could be freed up for exercise, meal prep OR stress management. (AND when you ace this one, send some tips my way. This is always a work in progress for me). Start with blocking off some time in your calendar! Then you are simply saying “no” to yourself to keep you from booking other activities during that time. 

2.Know and accept your priorities: Don’t apologize for them either. You do what you prioritize. So take a good look at some things you’ve always wanted or pay attention to how you currently feel. Any changes you want to make in your routine? When is the last time you made a list of priorities?

3. Pre-empt the “no”: This is huge! No one wants to let others down, so don’t! This could be extra planning to be able to do you AND still be there for someone else. Like getting in a workout in the morning or bringing some meal
prepped food to a family function. May take some extra planning, but allows you to rock out the best of both worlds. 

4.Practice saying no: Seriously, practice. Breathe and practice again. 

5. Put your oxygen mask on before adjusting other’s masks: Friends in town, but you’re exhausted? Want to meet with a client, but only opening is lunch and you were hoping to workout? Now yes, there will always be things you “can’t” say no to. But remember that you will be the one to feel the consequences of your actions. Burning both ends of the candle will only last for so long. So make sure you are taking care of your needs first before helping others. 

6. Don’t apologize or explain: This is freeing. Try it. Be happy about your choices! 

Saying no to things that will suck your energy at times, will free you up to say yes to activities that rejuvenate you. And saying no can also be used to help you stay on task or more productive (yes, this is an in-progress thing for me too! So many people I want to chat with LOL). 

Remember- this may not be an everyday thing but you will know when the time is right! 

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