These programs are designed to help you achieve specific performance and/or weight loss goals customized to your needs EVEN if you can’t make it into one of our classes, or even if you don’t live in the Omaha area!


These programs include workouts or specific exercises designed to fit into your existing fitness routine, or to give you a new routine to help you achieve your goals.

– Don’t have a gym to go to and new all at-home workouts?
– Have you always wanted to run a 5k? Or push yourself to do an Ironman, but no idea where to start?
– Going to a standard gym, but no idea what workout routine to follow? 

Well, we got you covered with Custom Programming! You tell us your goals and we write you the workouts! We customized everything base don equipment and space you have, to the time or days you want to workout. Sign-up for your consult today!!


Do you have a new goal you wanted to shoot for? Want to run a 5k, but you don’t know how to start training? Have you been lifting for a while, but want to focus a little more on your back squat or pull-ups? Don’t live in Omaha and need an entire workout plan?? These reasons and so much more are exactly what our custom programs are for. These programs will give you a plan and workouts to help you focus on the specific goals you have.

You don’t actually meet in person with a coach, but a coach will be writing these custom workouts for you! You’ll meet intiially with a coach to discuss goals, equipment, space etc. so they can write your workouts specifically for your needs. Then workouts will come with video demo’s so you can follow along on your own AND you’ll be able to chat with your coach via the software during the process. 

Absolutely not! We also provide custom programs for improved mobility and range of motion. Many of us suffer from limited mobility as a result of our jobs, being stuck at a desk all day or previous injuries. These mobility plans give you specific exercises to do each day that will take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete. By following these programs you will be able to move well in your daily activities and perform exercises in the gym in proper range of motion pain free! Our mobility exercises are way more than just stretching those hamstrings. These can truly change your life and the way you move.

Fill out the form to the right, give us a call at (402) 835-6373 or email us today (info@edgebodyomaha.com) to get your custom program consult scheduled today! 

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