Dear Member, A Note from your Coach I Edge Body Boot Camp FAQ’s

Dear Member,

First off, I wanted to thank you for letting me be a part of your fitness and health journey. You are giving me an opportunity to do what I LOVE to do. So thank you really doesn’t cover it. I am excited to see where your journey will take you, but there are just a few things I wanted to clear up.

You don’t need to apologize to me.
I get it, there was traffic or your kids were not moving fast this morning so you’re running late to class. You were sick last week and using today as a day to test the waters and see how it goes. You had a knee injury and are not sure if you can do the workout as written. You’re the last one trying to finish a workout. Trust me, I get it. You are not going to have days where you feel 100% and you are going to need modifications sometimes. Some days you’ll kill it, and other days all you got is going through the motions. Everyone has those days. I am never looking down on you, nor do I ever look at you and think, “why are they not working hard?” I am proud of you for showing up and having the courage to step into class. That is often the hardest part for people.

So never apologize to me, I think you’re amazing and am here to help and guide you in any way I can. I am proud of you for showing up, for making time for yourself and for putting in the work.

Please ask me more questions.
Believe it or not, that’s why I am here. That’s my job and passion. I am here to provide you with education and modifications as needed. My goal is that you have fun in class and sweat, but also learn something in the process.

Ask me questions so I know what’s going on in your mind. Don’t ever push through things in pain or simply confused because you don’t want to “hassle me” by asking another question. You are never bothering me; I want you to get better. We can’t get better if we don’t ask questions and learn.  I swear you’re not inconveniencing me, and frankly, I’d be bored if you didn’t ask. 🙂  

I need you to do the work.
Like I said before, you are not going to feel 100% every day, but I want you to commit yourself to giving 100% of what you do have. Leave the ego at the door. I don’t care when you finish, just that you put in the work. Show up most days of the week. Listen to our intensity goal for the workouts. Hit your macros. Stay off the scale. Avoid fad diets. Try a heavier weight even if it makes the workout harder. And push yourself right up until that timer beeps, regardless of what the workout is. Trust in me and just do the work.

Some days you won’t finish a workout in the time allotted. Some days your legs will feel like a baby giraffe. Some days you’ll be the last one working. And some days you’ll need to change up the workout and row instead of run. And guess what? That’s OK!! So don’t take short cuts. It may be hard sometimes, but it’s making you better. Unsure of how to push yourself safely?? Read the above paragraph. 🙂

More is sometimes just more. I want you to relax just as much as you work hard. Take a rest day weekly. When you feel pain, stop and ask questions. Continuing to lift in pain rarely works, so give a muscle or joint some time to heal. Do daily mobility activities and ask for help during the warmups. Get a massage. Use a journal. Meditate. Fuel your body. Whatever you need to do to manage mental and physical stress; do it. This is huge and often overlooked.

And that’s all I got.
We are a family here at Edge Body. I am your coach, your motivator, your cheerleader, and your friend. Seeing the look on your face when you land that first box jump is what I live for! So I’ll be here, day in and day out, helping you get better and cheering you on along the way. So I promise I’ll keep the music loud, high five you when you PR, calm you down when you really need it, and push you when things get tough.

Now let’s go lift!

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