Every 2 minutes!- At Home & on the go Workout Series



This is a great total body workout that challenges rest time. Try the following the next time you can’t make it into class or the gym. (Substitute out any equipment for body weight exercises as needed, if you don’t have access to any equipment!)

Complete 5, 2-minute rounds of each:
1. 45 sec. Plank 
    20 Lemon Squeezers

2. 45 sec. Burpees
    20 Pushups

3. 45 sec. Squat Hold
    20 Goblet Squats

Both exercises must be completed in the 2 minutes. Whatever time is left in the round is your rest time. You must complete all 5 rounds of set #1 before moving on to the next sets of exercises. Rest as needed in between the 5 rounds. For an added challenge- every time you don’t get in all the exercises in the 2 minute round, keep a tally. Then at the end of the workout, complete 25 squat jumps for each tally! Just a little incentive to go all out and push yourself in each round. 

Watch the video above for full workout description and exercise demos!

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