Everything is Awesome!


On a typical day, we show up to the gym and it’s only a matter of time until one of the coaches barges in singing, “EVERYTHING IS AWESOMMMMMME!”.  It has become a game in the gym to see who the first person is to get those three words and the obnoxious tune stuck in everyone’s head. It’s that’s catchy tune from The Lego Movie in case you didn’t know. Once you hear it, it is there for the day (even the whole week if you try and fight it haha).  (If you haven’t had the privilege of hearing this song, click here before you continue reading.)

In that moment, a tiny bit of anger arises within each of us as we start mindlessly humming the tune throughout the day. We then have no choice but to smile and laugh as we notice each of us marching around Edge Body Boot Camp singing, “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!”.  Joy came to the conclusion that if we all didn’t truly believe that this place was awesome and what we were providing for our members was awesome, then we wouldn’t be barging into the office singing these words.  So we got to chatting about the things we hear members say about why they love this place and why we love to work here.  

Here are the top 5 reasons the members and staff believe EBBC is noticeably awesome:


Whether it is a 4:30 am alarm to get to the gym for the 5:00am class, a celebration when someone hits a new personal record in the gym, or supporting a cause that is important to one of our members, the Edge Body Boot Camp members have proven that this community is one that is worth being a part of. We’ve seen & heard countless stories of members and staff discussing what’s going on in their worlds, genuinely interested in people’s lives. We see members sticking around at the end of a hard workout to help others finish-up. Whether it’s offering encouraging words and cheers, or actually running another lap with them to help them push through. Accomplishing goals, pushing through the tough stuff, and welcoming new members into our fit family is just one of the reasons EBBC can claim to be awesome.  You will never be just a number in our gym, we will know you by name and support you in your health journey.


As coaches, we cannot tell you how many times we’ve have heard people ask, “does your gym only cater to super fit people?” or “I have knee issues and can’t do anything that involves jumping, so EBBC is probably not for me.”  The adaptability of each class is mind-boggling.  Did you know there are at least 10 different ways to do a push-up depending on your fitness level? Did you also know that doing a burpee in more than 7 different ways can allow for the fittest of the fit and a beginner exerciser to to do the exact same workout just at different levels?  Edge Body Boot Camp has something for everyone and we don’t take that lightly.  I’d say that’s pretty awesome. Inclusion is what we are all about. Providing you a customized workout experience with-in a class atmosphere.


Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha takes pride in having an educated staff that is here specifically to teach you how to safely and effectively use your body to improve your overall health.  All of our staff members hold Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Science as a minimum. Then adding to that the staff has a variety of additional expertise ranging from Master’s degrees, collegiate experience in Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology, and nationally accredited certifications in Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning and Special Populations. With decades of experience in fitness, Missy, knows the importance of continuing education and instills this in her staff. We are always working to learn new things and build on our technique to offer the best coaching environment to our members. Whether it’s planning our weekly Boot Camp classes, or the custom programs members can purchase for additional goals, we build our programming and coaching style from a place of tested knowledge and research based information. Edge Body Boot Camp offers specialized programming specific to your goals and help educate you to keep you safe and create a healthy body. Reaching goals + staying injury free (or effectively rehabbing) = awesome!

4.    VARIETY:

We’ve all had that time in our fitness routine where we have just had it with doing the same thing over and over AND over again.  You can only run so many miles and do so many sit-ups before you are bored.  If you are bored, we can be sure that your body, muscles, and heart may be a bit tired of the same thing as well.  At Edge Body Boot Camp we’ve created a programming style that is sure to never disappoint.   You can be certain that you will see a variety of movements in your daily workouts.  One day you may be doing some relays and laughing like you were 10 years old again and the next be challenged to find a heavy back squat weight. So whether it’s challenging you to perfect your pullup form or finally throw that wall ball up to hit the 9’ line (orange line as many of you know it lol), there will always be something new to look forward to in programming. This also holds true for events that the gym puts on for its members.  We are sure you will always be on your toes at what is coming next and that’s pretty awesome!


While this is very similar to the community aspect, the support within the community deserves its own category.  We care about your fitness and nutrition goals but more importantly, we care about you.  If that means you need support in working through a tough workout or figuring out a way to get your spouse to eat a healthy meal with you at home so you can reach your goals, we are in it with you.   The amount of support that comes out of this community is incredible. This support is in and out of the gym as well. Ranging from cheering each other on in a team workout or posting funny memes about how you “survived” the workout in the member Facebook page.  You guys constantly amaze us as coaches. You may not realize how beneficial posting a healthy recipe is, until you’ve met someone struggling with meal prep. We love seeing your constant support for each other as you are working towards similar goals! If you are just starting on your fitness journey or you have been at it for a few years now, we want you to know that we will always support you and have your back in the pursuit of the healthiest you that you can be.

Ultimately, as staff, we put things in place here at EBBC to constantly elevate our game and continue to keep things awesome. This however, is all so that we can help you be even more AWESOME! Our goal is to help you reach yours. That in and of itself is the most awesome thing we get to be a part of as coaches.  So hey you!!  Keep being awesome!!

If you opted out of clicking on the link up above, here it is again just so you can truly experience the tune of “Everything is Awesommmmme”!

See you in class soon!
Love your EBBC Coaches 

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