Filthy Fifty – At Home & On the Go Workout Series | Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha

It’s that time of year!! Seems like everyone is heading to a beach vacation or a vacation in general. This is a great workout that can challenge you, even if you don’t have a gym where you’re at. 

Perform the following:
50 pushups
50 BW squats
50 ab mat situps (adjust to an alternative ab move if you don’t have ab mats available)
50 burpees (That’s right!!! 50!)
50 squat jumps
1 mile run

Go through this 1x as quickly as you can moving in good form, or perform as a 30 min AMRAP for an added challenge. Swap out rowing, biking or a quick walk if you are in need of a running modification. 

Watch the above video for full workout explanation and exercise demo. Have fun!!!

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