How Can I Tell if I’m Working Out at the Right Intensity? | Edge Body’s FAQ Series

– “What weight should I use?” 
– “Why are the coaches telling me to go heavier?”
– “Crap, I should NOT have picked this weight!”

These are things we hear ALL the time in class! (Seriously, all the time.). However, it’s totally normal and expected. We, as coaches, are here to help you, not only on proper form, but also acheiving the proper intensity of a workout. Each time we program a workout for the group classes or our personal training clients, we have a certain goal in mind. A certain intensity or “feeling” we want to accomplish. Each day and workout may be different, but all the workouts work together to keep progressing you towards your goals. The key is to be sure that you are pushing yourself based on the intensity of that workout. For example: it may be hard to convince yourself to lift heavier if you know there are a lot of reps in the workout, but that could be the whole point of that particular workout. So cutting yourself short on the weight you choose is actually counterproductive to getting you stronger and closer to your goals. 

So here’s a quick video discussing some helpful tips to help you push yourself correctly the next time you are in class! (And keep in mind, selecting the right weight for a workout has everything to do with the prescribed intensity of the workout and any injury limitations you may have!!)

The best part of this???? If you still need some help, all the coaches and I are here for you! So just ask 🙂

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