How is Personal Training different?

Do I need to be already fit to join a boot camp or group training facility? NO!!!! I tell this to be people all the time. Edge Body is the place to join regardless of current fitness level. Our coaches will help modify the workouts and exercises for your individual needs to help you be successful towards your goals.

So what makes personal training different? Maybe a group setting isn’t what you’re initially looking for. Or maybe you’re unsure where to begin your fitness journey.

The benefits of personal training are endless, much the same as group training. But sometimes someone may need to start out with some 1-on-1 attention to build confidence in the gym, learn movement technique at a slower pace or rehab through some current injury (health) limitations they may have. So is personal training ONLY for beginners?!? HECK no! This 1-on-1 attention can also be great for even the most advanced fitness enthusiast. It can help to improve performance in one particular lift/skill or simply keep pushing them even more towards an advanced goal they have. group training or their regular routine is the basis to getting them where they need to go, but personal training can give someone 

Personal training provides you a coach holding you accoutable to the things you need to do to get healthier. The emphasis is on “things YOU need”. Everyone is different, and having a coach to walk with you through that journey can make all the difference. 

SO whether you are hesitant to join a gym because you think you need to be in-shape first, or you would love to increase your back squat or your 5k time… personal training and getting some cutomized attention is perfect for you. 

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