How to Back Squat- Movement Tip Series


Time for leg day! Whether that gets you excited or not, the back squat is a MUST for anyone looking to improve their fitness level, strength etc. Plus, it’s one of my favs!! 

The entire Back Squat could never be summed up in one quick video. So, I have compiled some tips to help you improve that technique the next time you squat. 

1. Unrack the bar strong. Seriously, unrack that bar like you mean it. If the first thought in your head is, “Oh crap that bar is heavy!”, then you’ve mentally taken yourself out of the game already. Unrack the bar by placing the bar on your trap muscles, this is otherwise known as  a “shelf” created by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Keep your core tight as you then stand up with the bar strong.
2. Stay Braced. As you prepare for your squat, pay attention to every part of your body. Feet should be slightly wider than hip width apart and toes slightly pointed out. Keep your ribcage down, core tight and squeeze your glutes. This will help you keep a braced, neutral spine during your squat.
3. Butt back; knees out! To start the movement, sit that butt back like you are about to sit down. Drive your knees out as you squat. Chest will come forward slightly, but your back (spine) should still be straight. Be sure to be looking about 2-3 feet in front of you to keep your head neutral. Avoid looking up. 
4. Full ROM. Full range of motion is considered squatting slightly below parallel. However, limited mobility (especially hip and ankle) and injury limitations may change proper ROM for you. You may need to modify your squat now, but continue to work on improving your mobility to work towards full ROM. 

Hope you found these tips helpful!! Watch the video above for full exercise demonstration and more good info!

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