How to Make a Resolution Stick! | Edge Body’s FAQ Series

Around the New Year, many of us resolve to make big life changes. We think of things we want to do differently and new healthy habits we would like to have in the year ahead of us. So what causes some people to be successful with this and others to be out of the gym and back on the couch by Feb. 1st?? Well, there are a ton of factors, but this video breaks down the 3 best things you can do to actually make your new health resolution stick and help you to be successfull with your goals!

The video will discuss:

1. The importance of accountability!
2. How nutrition counseling is key to all exercise/weight loss goals!!
3. Why progressingly slowly is the best thing you can do when wanting BIG changes. 

So next step, IMPLEMENT these :)!! Good luck and we are here to help you in your journey to better health!

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