How to Perform a Romanian Deadlift (RDL)- Movement Tip Series


Such a great movement to help strengthen your hamstrings and glutes! Training these muscles is a must, as they are often neglected. 

So here are some tips to keep you moving well:
1. Brace Yo Self! Start by walking your feet underneathe the bar, so the bar is over your shoe laces. Set up into a high squat or deadlift position, with back flat and abs engaged. Grab the bar slightly wider than hip width and squeeze shoulder blades back as if you are trying to “break the bar” with your hands. This will ensure a braced spine and good position to begin the lift. 
2. Starting Position. Feet should be hip width apart and hands should be grabibing the bar just wider than hip width. Make sure to stand all the way up (deadlift the weight) and roll those shoulders back and down to be ready to start your RDL.
3. Bar Stays Close. The bar path during the RDL should be in a straightline down towards the ground. The bar should almost be making contact with your legs the entire way through the movement. 
4. Sit Your Butt Up High & Back. This is a great tip to keep you from squatting. This tip is also great to make sure you are using your hamstrings and glutes to perform this lift. Keep the weight in your heels as you sit your butt back and up. This also helps us “hinge” at the hips and keep our back straight during the movement. The hip hinge is what it’s all about!
5. Proper ROM. Unlike the deadlift, the bar in the RDL is only going to about mid shin or slightly below the knee. 

Watch the video above for full exercise demonstration! Happy Lifting!!

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