How to Perform a Step-Up- Movement Tip Series

Any variation of the step-up is a great way to isolate your legs. Ok. This movement may seem simple, but there are little things here and there that can really affect what you get out of this lift. So I have compliled some tips to help you move well in this movement. 

1. Step your entire foot up onto the box. Start with a height you can perform well with just your bodyweight.
2. Drive with your lead leg (the leg you are stepping with). Try not to use your other leg to help out durig the “step” part of the movement.
3. Slowly lower down, with same leg on the box. You are benefitting from the controlled eccentric (lowering) movement just as much as the step-up portion. 
4. Once you can perform a full range of motion step-up bodyweight, then progress from there. Increase the box height or add DB’s, and eventually barbells etc. to continue to challenge your leg strength and improve. 

Next time you’re in the gym, try and focus on one of these tips to really challenge yourself. AND you may be able to grab a heavier DB than you think. 🙂

Watch the above video for more detailed tips and demonstrations. Plus- I say the word “today” like 50 times. So you’ll get a chuckle. 

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