“I came for … I stayed for… “

First we need a goal. Maybe it is something simple, like ” I want to lose a couple pounds for a beach vacation coming up.” Or maybe something bigger such as, “I need to exercise 5 or more days a week to stay off blood pressure meds”. Whatever your goal or whatever your reason is for starting some new health behaviors, you may be surprised with what keeps you going long after that goal is reached. 

One of my favorite things about coaching, whether it’s in the gym or through nutrition, is showing somone a new supportive world they never knew existed . It can be as simple as showing someone that I believe in them or introducing them to others who share similar goals so they always have the support they need to be successfull.

When you try something new and go for it, you never know what else you may gain along the way!

Check out the above video to see what keeps some of our Edge members going day after day. By far one of my favorite videos we have done! These members rock!!


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