Individualized Nutrition Coaching

Our Individualized Nutrition Coaching program is the ideal option for people who are looking to analyze, heal, and improve their relationship with food. This one-on-one approach is perfect for those of you who are looking to get honest, positive, and supportive guidance to reach your fitness goals. Eating for longevity, health, and improved body composition can be delicious, fulfilling, and a completely life changing habit that can stay with you for a lifetime – if it’s done right.

We believe in providing our individualized nutrition coaching clients with everything they need to succeed, including: 

  • Custom meal plan ideas, personalized to your goal (i.e. improved performance, weight loss)- note these are not meal prescriptions, these are ideas to help you select the foods you like and need to achieve your health and fitness goals!
  • Education on Macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) and healthy eating habits
  • Calculation of your MACRO’s based on your height, weight, age, and activity level to reach your individual goals
  • MACRO adjustments throughout the coaching
  • Meetings one-on-one with your coach 
  • Accountability and support through the process
  • Measurements to track progress
  • AND so much more!!!

**All Nutrition Coaching is a 3-month commitment and continues month to month after that. We recommend a certain tier based on your goals and the level of education and accountability you are in need of. See Options below:

More Info:

Nutrition Coaching Options

Tier 1: 1- 30 min. meeting/month with your coach
Tier 2: Includes 2- 30 min. meetings/month with your coach
Tier 3: Includes 4- 30 min. meetings/month with your coach

How do you know which tier is for you?? Schedule your FREE 30 minute consult to discuss your goals and we will get you on the right program option!

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