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Sometimes more is not more.

In life, in so many different aspects, many people believe that if we just do or have more of something the end result is going to be better. If we work more we will make more money. If we fill our schedules we will be more productive. If we workout more than we’ll lose the weight. Well in some case sure…but not all cases. 

Here is the truth: sometimes more is actually less. 

Seems counterintuitive, right? But sometimes doing more at work, filling schedules outside of work to overflowing, or doing too many workouts everyday can be detrimental. It’s like that time when you are out to eat with friends and you are starting to get full, but order dessert anyway. You begin to eat dessert and think “I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m already full”. But it tastes so good!” Continuing to eat in this scenario usually results in a belly ache for hours!

Training is the same way.  Our bodies are made to move everyday, but this may not mean going balls to the wall on every workout especially if there is not proper maintenance done in between workouts. (Maintenance meaning, mobility, stetching, sleep, massage, proper nutrition, hydration etc.) This is why we change up the intensity of our class workouts. To keep things switched up and not leaving you feeling like you’re wrecked each day. Remember, even if all you can fit in one day is a walk or light jog, that is still movement! That is still good for you. Fact, if we are burning the candle on both ends and not recovering properly you will get injured. It is just a matter of time. This is compounded when someone is over-training (i.e. working out multiple times per day without proper nutrition to sustain this kind of activity). This also comes into play with how we choose to push ourselves if we do have a minor injury. Do you keep going even though you feel pain? Is your definition as rest only 1 or 2 days? If you answered yes, this next part is also for you!

Here is what we suggest: Before you come to the gym everyday close your eyes and check in with your body. Take few deep breaths and do a little scan from head to toe to see how things are feeling. Are you feeling physically ready for a workout? Are you feeling mobile? Are your muscles recovered from your last workout? These are just a few things to consider. All of these items will also be different depending on what stage you are in your fitness journey and what you’re training for. So don’t fret if you’re starting out and are sore. That is supposed to happen! Progress accordingly and moving can actually help decrease that soreness. 🙂

Soreness will happen, but continued soreness week after week should be addressed. Check-in with yourself and see what areas you can improve upon. Food? Mobility? Adding in rest days? Take it from us, it sucks if an injury occurs. In the long run, it will set your training back way farther if you have to take a chunk of time off to heal, than if you listen to your body and take a day off here or there or have a conversation with a coach about modifying a workout when you are not feeling your best. Not feeling your best could also mean coming back from an illness, or not getting enough sleep last night. This is why doing a daily scan of your body can allow you to train/push yourself accordingly. This is a gamechanger for people that are killing the fitness/weight loss game AND leading them to longevity. 

So to break it down, here are our takeaways:

  • Move majority of the week. These movements/exercise should be on point with your goals and should also vary in intesity each day. Some workouts will be hard, while others may feel like you totally dominated it! That’s good! Not every workout should leave you crawling out to your car. And don’t knock a nice long walk- can be a great stress relief too!
  • Everything in moderation. Work, gym, play, foods, stress, everything. If you think about doing everything in moderation there will be a beautiful balance created in your life.
  • Be still for a few minutes a day and listen to the cues your body and mind give you. This can tell you where you might need a little moderation and where you need a little more of one thing or another. If you need some help understanding the signals we are here for you. For example: you don’t normall have back pain, but a long week of airplane travel has left your back and hip flexors stiff and achy. This is not the day to push it on squats, instead hit some mobility and do the leg workout with lighter weights and focus on form OR opt for an upper body day. Little tweaks like this make a HUGE difference for longevity of your health and training. 
  • Fuel your body. Always. Less than 1500 calories is generally not enough. (This also depends on your size, goals etc.) Signs of not enough fuel start popping up as things like; constant muscle soreness, fatigue, loss of strength/performance, achy joints, injuries, stress, weight gain etc. (Yes, we said weight gain!!)
  • Do 2 mobility exercises for your “problem” areas every single workout day during a warm-up! Many of us have areas that cause us more issues than others. Muscles need constant maintenance for flexibility and improved range of motion. So each day, regardless of the workout, do 2 things to take care of those spots. Will do such great things for your progress.  
  • Injured or sick? Don’t debate yourself- these are prime time for a rest day. Always remember- injuries may need a good 1-2 weeks “rest” or modifcations to get out of the inflammatory stage. Not just one day. So feeling pain that is not just muscle fatigue or increased heart rate in a workout, don’t overdo it. Ask a coach- we are here to help!


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