Lori Bobier- Member Spotlight

Long overdue for this one…

Lori Bobier- you rock!!!

Lori has been a member with us a LONG time… close to being one of the OG’s and a regular face in the evening classes. She occasionally likes to chat when I’m explaining the workout, but the looks she gives me when I say there are burpees, more than makes up for it!! Hahaha she is too much fun! Just love her. AND if you’ve seen her in a workout where we do a lot of pushups, she has the best “shake your arms out” dance you have ever seen. 

Seriously though, this former athlete is a beast in the gym! I don’t think I can remember a workout where Lori didn’t leave covered in sweat because she left it on the mats. (She may have said she didn’t want to do something, but she did it anyway LOL). It has been so awesome to see her strength and fitness level improve, and improve, and improve! She puts her head down and gets right to work and you can see it paying off. In the way she looks and feels. My favorite transformation has been in the last couple months with her really putting in the work on her form and technique. Willing to break movements down to make sure she’s doing them really well and preventing injury. 

Lori- never change. You’re amazing!! Keep kicking butt!

Here she is rocking out burpee rope slams!

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