Meal Prep with Missy & Micah I Episode 1: “Rice” Salad

It’s here!!! We have officially launched our new meal prep video series and we cannot be more excited!

As nutrition coaches, Micah and I are always looking for more ways to engage our clients and help them find new ways to hit their macros and sneak in some protein and veggies!

For Episode 1, we make one of our favorite dishes, “Rice” Salad. This take on  a traditional pasta salad can be made hot or cold and can be easily assembled with previously prepped items. So minimal cooking involved!!! Pick your favorite protein option, add some jasmine rice and load up on the veggies and you’re set. The dressing is made to each person’s individual taste, but start with 1 tbsp. each of oil and vinegar (or mustard for Micah’s option) and then go from there to help with counting Macros!

Be on the look out for more cooking videos. Happy prepping!!

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