Member Spotlight- Adam Deidel

Adam- kudos to all your hard work!

This guy! Game face on each day he comes into class. 🙂 BUT that’s a good thing!

Adam is always ready to put in some work and even if he can’t make it to class, he is making sure he squeezes in a workout. 

He is always open to new options for exercises to work around a range of motion limitation he has from an old wrist injury and welcomes form feedback so that he is always working to improve himself. His main goal from day 1 was some weight loss and improved strength. I was just watching him in the workout the other day thinking, “man, we need to schedule measurements again because I am dying to see his progress!” You look great dude!

He leaves it all out on the mats, and there has not been one class where he hasn’t left completely sweaty. Adam is fun to coach and I love that he shares his wins with us! Love hearing about his new PR’s. 

Keep it up!!!

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