Member Spotlight- Adrienne Feldhaus

Adrienne hit the ground running from day one.  She came in looking to replace a previous boot camp and fitness journey she had been a part of. You can find Adrienne consistently at the 5 AM class, consistently being the key word!

She has improved her hip power tremendously and her posture has improved a ton. You can especially see this change with her deadlifts, ball slams, and kettle bell swings.

Adrienne always has a smile on her face (even at a morning workout on Saturdays LOL…. lord I wish I was a morning person too haha) and is INCREDIBLY coachable. She takes the tips we tell her and implements them even weeks after we had discussed it.  She is always looking to improve anyway she can and focus on her strength.

Fun fact! She grew up with Joy and can provide you with any funny stories or dirt on young Joy hahaha.

Keep up the awesome work girl!!!

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