Member Spotlight- Amanda Logan

Amanda!!!! This one is for you! She got engaged in April 2016 and wanted to to lose a few pounds for the big day. She found Edge Body in August of 2016 and worked her butt off from day 1!

This member shout-out is right on point with what we constantly talk about with our members. What is truly a good measure of progress? Or do we allow ourselves to see the progress we’ve made without exaggerated expectations getting in the way? Amanda is a wonderful example of this. Here she is rocking out a workout in class:

Day in and day out I would see her show up to 5:30 or 6:30pm class ready to work. (Always in a cute workout top too I might add LOL). She was always upbeat and pushing through the workouts. The coaches and I saw her continued progress in class with each passing month. However, we know that others notice progress or changes before we can see them in ourselves. 

I got the best email from Amanda several weeks back, right before her wedding in Mexico. She explained that she was noticing positive changes and strength improvements in class but that she, like many others, fell victim to feeling down about what the scale said. She stated that the scale never seemed to reflect the hard work she was putting in or what she “expected to lose” every week or month. Amanda admitted that she was letting it affect her and got down on herself. Then she decided to take a progress picture in her swimuit since her wedding date was nearing. According to her, she gasped when she saw her own transformation in the photos. She said that she heard us coaches saying that progress isn’t always shown on the scale, but it was seeing herself in these photos that she finally understood what we met. 

Amanda has completely transformed!! She has lost several inches off her waist, hips and thighs AND she is getting visible muscle definition in her abs and legs! She has shed some pounds and replaced them with some hard earned lean muscle mass. The best part of this shout-out is that, Amanda finally saw it in herself. That’s the most important part and why I love this job so much! I think my favorite thing about her email was that seeing how much progress she has made since joining has made her even more motivated to continue on when she came back from her wedding in Mexico. As a coach, this is our ultimate goal. We hear deadlines from clients all the time:

  • “I need to lose a couple pounds for a reunion.”
  • “I’m getting married in 8 months and need to fit into my dress.”
  • “I have a cruise in a month I want to look slim for.”

We have heard them all! AND these are great goals to have. Something to jump start the motivation and the fitness journey. But our goal as coaches is to help you all see the neverending deadline beyond that first goal. The deadline that is simply living a healthy life. A healthy life in which you keep pushing and challenging yourself to keep progressing. Setting and smashing new and even bigger goals in the future. 

Amanda you look absolutely amazing and we all can’t wait to help you keep kicking a** into th future. Congrats and we hope your wedding was fabulous!!! Thanks for never giving up on yourself and staying consistent with your goals. We are proud of you!

Here she is pictured when she started with Edge Body in Aug. 2016 on the left and when she returned from her wedding in May 2017 on the right:


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