Member Spotlight- Amber Washburn

Amber this one is for you!!!

This mom gets up every morning to squeeze in her workout before work so she doesn’t miss it. Plus, some days she has to jet out a tiny bit early to make it to work. Does that effect her workout? Heck no!! She knows when she has to jet early so she pushes it that much harder when she is in class. Always pushing herself with weight and seeing if she can get a few more reps in before taking a break. 

Amber’s strength continues to improve and each day she is one step closer to her weight loss goals. Here she is rocking out some pistol progressions in the pics above!! Good example of her never wanting to back down from a challenge or a challenging exercise. 

Plus, she’s fun to coach! She arrives to class each day with a smile and ready to get to work. She seems geuinely happy that she gets to move and work out each day. Amber has been an awesome addition to our 7am class and our fit family as a whole!! Can’t wait to see what the future will hold for you. Keep busting your butt each and every day- hope you can see all the progress you’ve made like we can. Proud of you!!

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