Member Spotlight – Ashley Mohr

This mother of 3 is a trooper! 

Ashley joined Edge Body back in May and has completely transformed her life and health focus. Like many mom’s she was struggling with losing the baby weight that was sticking around after baby #3. She said working out the way she had in the past didn’t seem to be working like it had after babies 1 and 2. Things really started to click for her once we helped with some nutrition tips and meal planning ideas that helped her get in more protein and the right balance of macros (protein, carbs, fat) in her day. Ashley has lost 10 pounds and more importantly roughly 6% body fat since changing her exercise and nutrition habits. Plus, she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! 

Ashley really stayed dedicated both in and out of the gym. She was never afraid to stay after class or email anytime she had questions or needed some help! One of my favorite parts of her transformation is her core strength. I am sure other moms out there can relate that even one pregnancy does a number on core strength. Not to mention what 3 can do! I worked with her on some custom programming to help this specific area that she really wanted to improve on. But it was her that put in the work, modifying things in class to be better suited for her needs and adding in the extra work I gave her to do on the other days of the week. Not giving away too much info, but she came back from her doctor with an amazing improvement in her core strength and stability!! I seriously could not be happier for her- this girl deserves it!!

Here she is pictured pushing through some Turkish Get-Ups last week! Keep rockin it out girl- you’re amazing!


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  1. I’m looking for a change in 2017. The main thing I am looking to change is my body image. I want to become stronger & more tone.

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