Member Spotlight- Betty Ross

Betty this one is for you!!!!

Shout-out to the lady who loves Margaritas and Nacho’s, but is still pushing to live a healthy lifestyle! (and shout-out to her new hairless cat named Sasha Fierce hahaha. Love it, Betty)

This gal… Where do I begin. Betty was looking to find something that she would stick with. She had tried a lot of things in the past and would eventually stop going or the habits would fade away. Not only has Betty stuck with Edge Body and the workouts, but she has challenged herself to stick with her nutrition as well. This busy mom is racing her 2 boys to hockey games (and to her own games too, I might add), and still making it to the gym and finding time to meal prep for herself.

One of our favorite things about coaching Betty is how much she surprises herself in each class. Whether it’s deadlifting more weight than she ever thought she could or surviving a workout that she doubted herself on from the second she walked in the door, she always tries. It may take some encouragement from us coaches, or the rest of the 8:30 am members to give her that boost, but she is there putting in the work. Betty is finally starting to see for herself, just how far she has come and how she has transformed. 

Seriously girl, we couldn’t be prouder of your dedication to just try! Even when you’re unsure, you give it a go and are successful. That is often the hardest part. You’re doing such a fantastic job in both the workouts and your efforts on your meal planning. AND you crack us up in class.

Never stop being you!! Keep killin’ it lady!


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