Member Spotlight- Bob Pick

Everyone, meet Bob!

I finally had the pleasure of meeting him a couple weeks ago after he had been a member for a month. You’ll find him in the early morning classes and on Saturdays. Even though it took a couple weeks before I met him, I had heard ALL about Bob; this awesome guy who was killing the workouts. Every employee meeting each week, they would ask, “Have you met Bob yet?!?!”

The coaches all raved that Bob was so great to have in class and just put his head down and went after each and every
workout, even when he was doing exercises he had never done before. Here is a shot of him conquering box jumps!

I kept joking with him once we met in person that I’d heard what an awesome job he does in class. Bob simply laughed it off
and said, “oh no, I’m just a grandpa trying to be healthy!” Well Bob, you are doing an amazing job and it feels like you’ve been with us way longer than a couple months. He has an engine and just keeps going, no matter the workout! Love that he is open to learning new things and gives it his all. 

Bob, we are excited to see what your fitness journey has in store. You’re a rockstar!!!

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