Member Spotlight- Brenda Paiz

This lady… what can I say? She’s awesome!

Ready to put work in from day 1! She definitely hit the ground running in the workouts since joining. Even though things were hard and she had movements she struggled with, she didn’t give up on herself.

Not only has she gotten so much stronger in each workout, but I am so pumped to share that she has lost 10 pounds since starting nutrition coaching with us at the beginning of Febr. AND she is doing all of this while chasing her kids around in soccer and cheerleading events. I even helped her think of ways to sneak in her meal prepped food during tournaments and events that said no outside food LOL. 

She’s been just as dedicated with hitting her macro numbers for the day, as she has been with putting in the full effort in each workout. Brenda is so fun to coach and just sit and talk too. 🙂 (Which I am sure we do too much of hahahaha). 

Seriously love the hard work!!! Keep it up. 🙂


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