Member Spotlight- Brooke & Chris Stephan

We all know we need support to help make a healthy lifestyle stick. Brooke and Chris this one’s for you ladies! This continued support for each other is one of my favorite things about this mother-daughter duo!! And you can see this both in and out of the gym. Whether its encouraging each other to keep pushing in the workout, or giving a shout-out to one another on Facebook. 

You can find Brooke and Chris in the early morning classes day after day. AND I’ll see them trickle into the evening classes, if they didn’t make it in the morning in order to get their workout in. Love that!

They continue to get stronger and stronger each month; both crushing some new back squat PR’s last week! Plus, they are working to hold each other accountable toward healthy eating. Brooke’s upcoming wedding in Jamaica is helping provide some motivation too 🙂

I was back coaching an early morning class the other day filled with cardio intervals. Needless to say, this wasn’t a particular workout where people could chat in between because everyone’s focus was on catching their breathe and trying to push on. Almost every time they switched exercises, they would make eye contact and give each other a high-five. Made me smile. The journey to better health, increased strength, weight loss or whatever the goal is not an easy one. So this high-five may seem simple, but support is the way we get through the journey. It’s so awesome to see them work hard and then help push each other. 

Above you can see them rocking out some Tire Flips!! Keep kicking butt ladies- we love having you apart of our gym family. We hope you know that we support you both, as you support each other!! 

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