Member Spotlight- Cassandra Ward

Cassandra this week is for you!

This gal is a beast in the gym! (Especially finding ways to keep moving in the workout, even when her daughter has other ideas!! OMG sooo cute!)

Cassandra was no beginner to exercise when she joined, but was always focusing on form. She would stick around after class and ask me about perfecting KB swings and other things she could do to improve core strength on her own time etc. That’s just it… she’s always working to better herself, ALWAYS. Whether it’s giving her all in conditioning or pushing herself on a strength day, she never stops. For instance, here she is pushing through the 1 rep max back squat event at the Edge Body Liftoff this past Saturday. She also killed it on the other events btw. 🙂

She continues to get leaner and stronger, so much stronger, with each day that passes. Cassandra, I hope you can see that just as much as the coaches can. Being a mom myself, it is great to see her being an awesome “mom role model” to others. Showing women that you can still exercise, get time for yourself and get stronger even with having little ones around. (Just may need to get a little creative at times LOL!!)

Seriously love this girl! Thanks for being apart of our gym community AND for all you do for the Omaha/Metro community!! Keep on striving towards your goals- we are with you every step of the way. 🙂

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