Member Spotlight – Chad Jungman

What can I say about this guy??? Ummmmm every compliment ever! 

Chad is one of the most encouraging people in the world. He not only helps challenge exisiting members to keep pushing in a workout, but he also is motivating and helpful to new members on their first day. AND he truly gives his best effort in each and every workout. Even coming to 2 classes on some days! 

You may have seen Chad in the morning or the evening classes, as he likes to switch it up. But you will likely notice him helping you put your equipment away or helping you clean up after a workout. Even the coaches have all noticed his willigness to put away boxes or helping set-up for the next day’s workout. 

When he joined Edge Body, he was not new to high-intensity training, he was simply looking for a change of scenery. He wanted to keep working on his strength, as well as his cardio conditioning. He improves every day and he is just fun to coach and to watch during the workouts. It has been awesome to see him pushing through workouts faster than before and even though he may fight me on this, his core strength is greatly improved since day 1!

Although, he seemed shy at first, I routinely see him chatting with other members before, during and after class. Love having him as a part of our fit family- he has been a wonderful addition. There is truly nothing more inspiring than watching someone help out another during a workout. Whether it’s grabbing a weight to help them set-up, giving them a confidence boost by saying something encouraging or giving someone a high five when they are done. The other coaches and I have seen him do all these things and more. 

Thanks for just being an awesome person, Chad! Can’t wait to see your continued performance improvements in 2017. Keep it up dude!!!

I’m pretty sure he avoids the camera, but here he is rocking out some sled pushes (above)!! And posing for a pic with his team post-workout one evening.

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