Member Spotlight- Christine Hinman


Christine. Probably one of my top 20 favorite humans. Seriously! 

Just one of those people who remind you that you are doing what you love. She is so fun to coach and she comes with a serious intention to each workout. She was intent to reach her goals no matter what. 

Christine joined a while back with a couple friends to give the gym a try. She hadn’t found what she was looking for in previous gyms, and so was wanting to see what things were like and if she could stick with it. 

Stick with it she did and her physical and mental transformation has been amazing!! She’s conquering advanced exercises like box jumps and hamstring drops and has gained confidence in herself that even her family has noticed (tear jerker alert- that’s my favorite part of the video!! Oh and look at her rocking out burpee broad jumps too!) Christine continues to lose weight and inches, while maintaining strength. She also continues to set goals for herself and 2018 will be the year of the pullup for her, I just know it!

Christine we are so proud of you and the gym wouldn’t be the same without you!! Please check-out the above video to hear more about her journey straight from her!!

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