Member Spotlight- Dan & Sarah McPherson


Can’t say enough about these two. So I am sure gonna try!!

This couple pushes to the next level in EVERY class they attend and they are just awesome people!

Sarah came in on a free trial and met with me on a Saturday after the hustle and bustle of class was over. Her very first workout after she joined was a special holiday workout with a packed house! She was nervous but made it through. 🙂 She was afraid that she was going to need to be in great shape before even joining, but I had explained to her that we had all levels and that she would be getting stronger in no time. That was an understatement! She came in class after class determined to keep pushing herself to her limits. It wasn’t long after joining that she convinced her husband, Dan, to come in as well. Now they’re both hooked!!

Edge Body has given Dan an opportunity to get back into weight lifting, while also pushing him in conditioning. Sarah finds way more motivation in the classes then she did trying to run on her own. They have such an amazing support for each other; it’s great to watch! The Edge Body classes have become a way they can be active and healthy together, as well as meet new friends and work off the stress that comes with life sometimes. AND they are a breeze to coach!! Always wanting to improve form and push themselves that one extra step. Dan has hit a PR on bench and Sarah continues to lose inches. LOVE having you guys apart of our fit family!! 

Watch the above video for their awesome story! Continue to kill it guys!!!


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