Member Spotlight – Danielle Edelman

I remember the first time Danielle walked into the door at 5am. She told me she was an avid runner, but was looking for something to challenge her. Even though she walked in with a smile, I could tell that like many people on their first day, she was a bit nervous. She put those nerves aside and took a leap of faith and came to see what we were all about. She hasn’t looked back since!

Down 25 pounds AND 6-7% body fat, this mom has never felt better or felt as strong. Danielle worked hard in the workouts from Day 1. She religiously comes every morning throughout the week and pops in on a weekend class. She quickly realized the benefits of adding strength training into her workout and adding more protein into her diet. My jaw hit the floor this spring, when I returned after a month of being gone since having a baby. Danielle had completely transformed!! I would say she’s lean and mean, excpet she’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet!! Those muscles though!! 🙂

Here’s a little Q & A with this rockstar:

What was the main problem you struggled with before joining (or your main reason for wanting to make a change)?
I had been struggling to recover after a couple injuries due to running. I had always ran as my main exercise, half marathons etc. As I got older and dealt with hormonal changes etc., I realized that the exercise I was doing wasn’t really cutting it anymore. I was struggling to lose some weight and never really had muscle tone. 

Were there any reservations about getting started at EBBC? Anything that held you back?
I had never done any sort of group classes. I didn’t believe that I was coordinated or fit enough to do them. I preferred to exercise alone, which is why running was a good choice for me for so long. I looked up Edge Body on a whim as I had driven by it several times and always wondered what it was like. 

What was the first meeting like? What was the determining factor in choosing our gym?
The trainers were very welcoming and spent time with me to make sure I was comfortable with the movements we did in the workout. They also helped me with proper weight selection, etc. 

What were some of the benefits, both physically and mentally that you gained since beginning training?
I am down almost 25 pounds and have also lost 6-7% body fat. I am even more excited about the body fat % loss. I am still a couple %’s away from my goal, but I never imagined I would have muscles. I LOVE my 5 am class. They have become my friends and my family. I miss them when I can’t make it to class. 

How did training here help you achieve these results? What was different about the process at EBBC that really resonated with you? Missy and the other trainers have always been so friendly and helpful. Making sure I am working on proper form and pushing myself. 

Would you recommend training at EBBC to others that are currently in the position that you were in before you started with us? If so, why?
Of course! And I do recommend it all the time. If you are thinking about it don’t hesitate just do it! Stop in or call- don’t wait!! If I can do it, so can you. The trainers are ready to help you and the other members are awesome.

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