Member Spotlight- David Coe

David this one’s for you!

This father of two wanted to improve his strength and performance, so he joined Edge over a year ago. He has admitted that he wishes to maintain his fitness level to scare off any future boys who come around in hopes of dating his daughters LOL. You will find him at the noon class, fitting in his workout mid-day since he works across the street.

David is an amazing athlete to coach and his performance keeps improving. Whether it’s leaning out and dropping a few pounds or jumping well over the 30″ box, he keeps surprising himself and the coaches. He continues to see that the best shape of your life can happen at any age. Such a hard worker and just an all around great guy- we are lucky to have you apart of the gym! David you deserve this! 

Don’t just take my word for it, click the above video to see his progress straight from him!

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