Member Spotlight- Dawn Dreesen

This lady!!!

Picture perfect nutrition coaching client and absolutely “gets it” in class! What does that mean- she trusts and follows the process. Challenging herself with weight on heavy days, recovering intentionally each week and hitting her nutrition on all cylinders. She hit her macros consistently, is a regular in class during the week and constantly asks questions when she has them. Dawn really wanted to “learn” throughout the nutrition coaching process and that is one of the reasons she’s been so succesful. She wasn’t looking for a 4-week challenge or a diet. She was looking for the knowledge to overhaul her eating for optimal health long term!! The weight loss and lean muscle mass was just a fun side effect of the changes she implemented :).

Dawn has lost over 17 pounds and improved blood pressure, and all blood lipid levels! AND she accomplished most of this while her entire kitchen was being remodeled.This gal, a grill and a hot plate- killing the game!

She makes time for herself and workouts out in the morning, so she can shuttle her 2 boys to all their sports and activities in the evening. Can’t emphasize how much fun Dawn is to coach!! Couldn’t be more proud of her- this spotlight is well deserved!!! 

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