Member Spotlight- Emily Dwornicki

Like so many, Emily had exercised on and off. Then she stumbled across some pictures of herself and realized she wanted to make a healthy change. I am so happy she found us when she did. I still remember seeing her in class for the first time and it has been awesome to see her transformation. She has come so far and I couldn’t help but smile as we watched her knock out 16 rounds in a death by burpee workout a couple weeks ago. Emily you get stronger every day and love seeing all your hard work in the gym and in your nutrition pay off!! 

Here is a little Q&A with our member spotlight!

What was the main problem you struggled with before joining (or your main reason for wanting to make a change)?
Over the last few years my main struggle with my fitness journey was remaining consistent in my fitness routine.   I’ve gone through several cycles where I would get a personal trainer, go hard core for several months, get in decent shape,  and then inevitably I would decide I was spending too much money or would get burned out doing the same old workouts and would quit.  After quitting, I would tell myself that I would maintain my routine and fitness level on my own, however, before I knew it months would pass and any progress I made was gone.  Eventually, I would decide to get back on the wagon and the cycle begin again. 

Were there any reservations about getting started at EBBC? Anything that held you back?
 I don’t remember having any reservations, other than in the past I had gone to group fitness classes at other gyms and never really saw any progress and never felt a comradery in class.

What was the first meeting like? What was the determining factor in choosing our gym?
I have stuck with EBCC for almost a year now for several reasons.  Historically, I’ve found that I get bored and burned out when there is not enough variety in my workouts.  At EBCC, the workouts are always changing which prevents the burned out feeling I have experience in the past.  Another factor that made me choose EBCC, was the environment.  I’ve noticed that I sometimes struggle to give 100% when working out on my own, however, I thrive when I’m pushed by other people. At EBCC I am pushed to try my hardest by both the coaches and by the other members and as a result I pretty much give 100% effort every workout and am now seeing the physical benefits of this!

What were some of the benefits, both physically and mentally that you gained since beginning training?
I have made great strides both physically and mentally since beginning training.  In the past I don’t think I ever could have done 24 in. box jumps or completed 5 unassisted pull ups, but I am doing them now and am always thinking about what my next physical goal should be.  I have seen myself become a more confident person who no longer gives up on herself so easily.   

How did training here help you achieve these results? What was different about the process at EBBC that really resonated with you?
Training at EBCC has helped me achieve great results because I want to come and when I do, I  give 100%; this consistency has translated into decreased body fat and increased muscle mass.  Another aspect that has helped me achieve results and that I don’t think you see many other places is the willingness of Missy to help with nutrition.  I know several trainers that are great coaches in the gym, but don’t know a ton about nutrition and essentially sabotage their clients results.  This is not the case at EBBC, as they are always willing to look over a food diary or provide nutritional guidance.  Lastly, I finally see the importance of warming up prior to workout out   I never used to warm up and would often find myself injured after a few months.  At EBBC, we warmup before every workout and I have managed to stay injury free for over a year!

What do you like about working with our coaches? What types of relationships did you build with the coaches and other members?
The coaches at EBCC provide a warm and welcoming environment and learn everyone’s name, making it a very inclusive atmosphere.  I enjoy that they are interactive throughout the workout and aren’t afraid to push me to lift heavier or increase my intensity.  I remember a wall sit workout where Erin would come by and add an extra wall ball to my lap for the last 30 seconds, I didn’t enjoy it at the time, but looking back I appreciate that they are willing to push me physically!

Would you recommend training at EBBC to others that are currently in the position that you were in before you started with us? If so, why?
I would definitely recommend EBBC to any person looking to join a gym.  The way the classes are set up so that anyone of any physical fitness level could come in and achieve a great workout while being encouraged and pushed by the coaches and the other members. 

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