Member Spotlight- Emily Nash


This has been such an amazing transformation. Emily Nash you deserve this one girl!

Emily joined us a couple months back needing some help with strength. She was suffering from a fairly extensive abdominal injury that was effecting her movements both in and out of the gym. She was nervous to do anything, but knew she needed to start somewhere to heal her core muscles and gain strength. We are so glad she took that first big step of walking in the door and having the courage to trust the process. 

She did a great job of remaining coachable in the beginning. Always asking for modifications when needed and communicating with her coaches. She also had the courage to try. Even if it meant doing a workout with only her bodyweight as resistance or maybe even doing comepletely different exercises than what was included in the workout for the day. As many of us know all to well, this is not as easy as it sounds and takes mental strength to keep showing up each day. 

Progress takes time and work. Emily has put in both. This struck me the other day as I looked out onto the noon class and saw her rocking out turkish getups. I was like Whoa! Look at emily go! Then today she was able to perform stone throws doing much more weight than she ever dreamed of when she started. Seeing her expression and hearing her comments after she accomplished it totally made our week. 

Progress should always be about challenging yourself…against yourself. Being stronger than you were yesterday or taking one step forward towards your goals. Not letting where others are at in their journey affect yours. It won’t happen overnight, but by trusting the process, you will get there. Emily is an amazing example of how a debilitating injury can sometimes just be a new start to something better. I am so proud to see her form and technique transformation in the gym and cannot believe how much strength she’s gained. Congrats girl!!!!!

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