Member Spotlight- Eric Sestak

Eric- you deserve this one dude!

Eric could’ve been a shout-out at anytime, so this one couldn’t come soon enough. You can find him rocking out class at noon, getting in his workout during his lunch hour so he can spend time with his wife and infant son in the evening! Not only does he work his butt off in each class, but he is also probably one of the nicest guys we have ever met. 🙂

He came to Edge Body to improve his strength and overall fitness level. Eric has PR’d his bench and back squat since joining, while also improving his burpees. (He’s over 6 foot tall, that’s a lot of distance to travel on a burpee!!). That is one of our favorite things as coaches, to see a member be able to improve on several aspects of their health and fitness. 

Eric has a great ability to push through, or simply try something, even if he is unsure. He is definitely reaping the benefits of stepping out of his comfort zone. Noon class wouldn’t be the same with out him. Keep flying high on those box jumps dude!! It has been awesome coaching you in your fitness journey- keep giving it your all. Excited to see your continued progress!

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