Hannah Blank- Member Spotlight


Hannah!!! You’ve earned this!

A little nervous when she joined, I can still see the look on her face when she came into her free trial with her friend Jen. I even remember them discussing what they would do if they couldn’t come to class at the same time. Wondering who would keep them motivated if they couldn’t work out together. I am happy to report that I think they only made it to like 3 classes together BUT both came regularly because they found support with others in class. 

Hannah has been absolutely killing it since joining. Getting stronger every day (look at those triceps above!).

She joined Edge Body starting at 175 pounds, looking to lose a couple pounds and get some more energy. She quickly found her “athletic self” that she thought she had lost. Oh and she also lost 33 pounds in the process! My favorite part of her journey is that she has put some pounds back on!!  These pounds being lean muscle mass of course, which continues to improve her performance in the gym and she is looking leaner each day proving that the scale is not what you should use to solely measure progress. 

I am looking at this confident person killing it in the workouts with a smile on my face as I think about the girl that walked in for that free trial one year ago. She is such a great example of what happens when you just show up and try! Words cannot describe how proud I am of her in all she has accomplished and what she will continue to achieve. Proving to herself that she is capable of whatever she puts her mind to. (Even after having 2 kids!) Never lose that drive Hannah!! 

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