Member Spotlight- Jen Russell

Jen- this one is your’s girl!!

Jen usually joins us at the noon class and was referred by a friend. Like so many of us, she had some previous injuries that she knew she may have to work around. But that never stopped her once. 

From day one she has been willing to give it her all. Always doing what she can to push herself in each class. She listens to form cues and always has a look of determination on her face. Jen is definitely one of those who leads by example. She won’t be the loudest person in class, but she walks in with a smile and always gives it her best. 

Her improvements in strength and stamina have been awesome to watch!! Seriously, in such a short amount of time, we are seeing her transform. Can’t wait to see what progress she continues to make.

Jen you deserve this one- love the work ethic!! Here she is rocking out rowing and burpees!!

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