Member Spotlight- Jill Klahn

Jill you look amazing!!! Persistence is key to reaching your goals and she is living proof of that! Here she is looking lean and mean while doing overhead lunges in class. 🙂

Jill started out personal training with me 3x/week over a year ago (she even saw Sawyer take her first steps lol). She was rehabbing a severe neck injury and some lower back pain that she had surgery on a year prior to starting at the gym. Jill was smart about her workouts and trusted the process. She worked on her form and steadily started to build strength back up. Unless she had to travel for work, Jill never missed her sessions with me and after several months she decided she was ready to start rocking out the group classes. 

She is consistently there each week at the 4:30pm class and has continued to transform in front of our eyes. Her form and technique being just one of her transformations. She is squatting below parallel and getting full range of motion presses overhead with no neck pain!! AND her consistency has allowed her to shed some pounds and even more importantly inches. Terrance and I have done some double takes the last couple weeks cause it has been so awesome to see her hard work pay off!!

Jill I am so proud of you!!! I am so glad you walked in the door; it has been amazing getting to work with you!

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